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      Planned Giving Program


Founded informally in 1980, Olympic Theatre Arts began life when some Sequim and Port Angeles people began performing plays at the Dungeness Schoolhouse, near Sequim. Soon thereafter, the founders organized as a nonprofit corporation and, raising a modest sum, converted the building that was to become the Howard Wood Memorial Theater. The doors to this 'temporary' intimate theater home opened in March 1983.

In the years since, OTA has offered an increasingly sophisticated program averaging four productions a year featuring the area's highly talented actors, writers, directors, and a cadre of volunteers who have enabled productions to be staged.

Since 1980, OTA has developed a full annual season of excellent productions, diverse in content and well suited to the community. The area's rich resource of people from around the world experienced and community-centered - continues to provide the highest level of excellence in creative talent. OTA has provided staging for new writers, directors, actors, and musicians. The group has been willing to leave the safe and narrow path to feature diverse productions to broaden the audience experience.


After lengthy discussion with the community and board workshops for strategic planning and development, it is clear that the primary goal of the Olympic Theatre arts is to provide completely accessible live intimate theater in Sequim.

To help achieve this ambitious but realistic goal, OTA has developed a Planned Giving Program that meets the needs of supporters as well as the OTA organization.


A national arts panel has identified characteristics of communities in which arts are fully developed.  OTA is helping Sequim to grow as an 'arts-centric" community:

  • Elected officials understand the importance of supporting the arts, and do so.
  • The arts are valued as a critical component of learning for all children, in the classroom and in other settings.
  • Active participation in culture creates individual and community meaning.
  • Business people recognize that the arts are important to a healthy business environment, and are involved in the arts in diverse ways.
  • The arts are integral to civic dialogue and community building.
  • The arts are valued in the "new economy" because of their contribution to quality of life, economic development, and tourism.
  • The contributions of individual artists are valued and supported.


Planned giving is a charitable gift that has economic or tax benefits to you when you want to help a nonprofit organization achieve its mission. It's a gift for which you must plan - taking into account your family or business financial goals as well as your personal goals for giving.

There are varied forms of planned giving; we advise that you work with, and act on the advice of, your professional accountant or financial advisor.

A planned gift is a winning solution for both you and OTA. Our members and supporters can find an advantage financially as well a personal reward, and the planned gift can significantly help OTA reach our short and long term goals. Planned gifts may be accepted any time, giving you as a donor a sense of control.


  • Present Gifts: These are gifts available to your charity now. These include cash securities, real estate, tangible assets, trusts, and life insurance.

  • Deferred Gifts: These help you in financial planning, because this gift is committed now but is not available to the organization until some time in the future.

  • Bequests: The bequest offers tax benefits as well as life-memorial to you and your family.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Established by a donor during life or at death, it pays income to beneficiaries for a determined term of years and a specified amount until the termination of the trust. You receive an income tax deduction, and the charity receives the remaining trust balance.

(This information is not intended as legal or financial advice; please seek the advice of your attorney or CPA to select from options available.)

To discuss a Planned Gift please call 360-683-7326 or E-mail...

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